Search Results

Search Results

The results will be shown in multi-column in each search site.


20 results will be displayed at a time and by scrolling the page to the bottom will display other results.

Search sites can be removed, added and reordered.

Items on bibliographic information

It display article title, publication year, journal title, abstract, DOI, social score and so on.

Display details(abstract, DOI etc.,) in [ IconImage ].

You can preset display rules of details.

Select one from [ IconImage ] left menu.

  • Suppress details (default).
    Do not display information of authors and below.
  • Expand details.
    Do not display information of authors and below.


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Click [ iconImage ] and you can bookmark articles.

Bookmarked articles are shown as [ iconImage ] in the results.

Bookmarked articles can be show in a list.


In the bookmark list, you can remove bookmarks or share them with other services.


Social Score

Show article level social scores in Mendeley, CiteULike, Twitter, Facebook, Artmetric.

The scores which are shown are as below.

IconImage Mendeley Number of readers
IconImage CiteULike Number of post
IconImage Twitter Number of tweet
IconImage Facebook Total number of Likes, Comments and Shares
(Breakdown is show by hovering over a link)
IconImage Altmetric Altmetric Scores

Display [--] if the system failed to retrieve social scores due to the lack of required information to retrieve data or some other reasons.
*Altmetric Score will be shown only when the system succeeded in retrieving scores.